A custom-made game engine made with LWJGL. Manually programmed shaders, object importing, lighting, particle and physics system.
Java LWJGL gamedev


An application made on a hackathon that scrapes social networks for Volunteering related events, uses AI to parse and recognize the type, date and location of the event, which automatically creates a web event and does facial recognition on atendees.
C# OCR AI ML Python Twitter


An Android app and ESP32 Firmware which enables users to control devices via Android app and custom defined triggers
Android IoT Embedded MicroJS Java


University project which allows users to control IoT devices using an desktop app and custom defined recurring triggers (recipes)
IoT MicroJS C# .Net MySQL

MLHPrime T.I.M.

A VR app made for the European Major League Hacking finals in London, which enables voice-controlled AI controls, Leap motion in-game hand gestures using the users own hands, without controllers, running on Unity (Occulus Rift)
C# AI VR js